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Meet Jessica M!

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As most of you know, Coach Mike is my youngest brother. There was once a time, for a very short time, that he not only looked up to me (physically) but he would listen to me and thought I knew everything… talk about a HUGE role reversal! LOL. Fast forward to 2013 when my youngest and more athletic brother took me to my first Strong Together class. That hour seemed like an eternity and the 15-minute ride home seemed even longer. We pulled into my driveway and he actually had to help me out of my car. That night will forever be one of my favorite memories and the beginning of a journey that has brought me to where I am today.

When I first joined STF Hackettstown in 2013, I was scared, nervous and every other apprehensive adjective you can think of. I was never a consistent athlete, or even a very competitive person growing up, but once I started Strong Together, it sparked something in me that I didn’t even know I had; a drive to compete with myself, every single day. My initial goal was wanting a healthier, and hopefully thinner me, but that quickly changed when I saw the unlimited opportunities from being a member of Strong Together Hackettstown. 

In early 2017, I participated in STF’s “21-day challenge”, saw the results and felt amazing. But as it happens sometimes, I slipped. I ended up undoing what I had just worked so hard to accomplish. I knew what I needed to do, as far as making better diet choices and lifestyle changes, but as a lot of us know, sometimes we can just as easily dismiss those thoughts. Even though I “slipped”, there were still many reasons that prompted me to continue working on making myself the healthiest version of myself. Seeing health issues in my family, and so many things that I couldn’t control hurt those that I love, I realized that there were still things that I could control.

So, despite all the “excuses and schedule conflicts”, I dug deep and channeled my “inner Mike” as I like to call. I finally put together everything that he had been telling me for years, and POOF…. It worked! One of the biggest things that stuck with me, while I tried to block out his nagging (I mean encouraging), was, “You can’t outwork a bad diet or lifestyle.” That had never made sense to me until I really started to think about it. 

So, if the “Queen of excuses” can do it, anyone can! I love to complain during workouts and roll my eyes when I’m corrected, BUT I wouldn’t have it any other way, or at any other place.  The people I have met here are now part of my extended family and I couldn’t be more in love with something I probably would’ve made fun of years ago.  HCF is my second home, is part of my life, and I love it!!


  1. What are some of the biggest benefits and results you’ve seen since starting?

EVERYTHING! When you tie together everything that the coaches talk about, and consistently show up, you will feel like a brand-new person. I now sleep better, work better, feel 1000x better and I’m a happier version of myself!

  1. What keeps you coming back for more?

The coaches and the family that comes along with being a part of STF. Oh, and those crazy workouts that make you go, “Wow that looks like fun!” And normally when you say that to yourself, it ends up being a workout that kicks your butt and makes you go “WOOOOO, what was that!?” It’s the best feeling!

  1. What would you say to someone on the fence about starting Strong Together Fitness?

COME! If you are even the tiniest bit interested, you are already one step closer to starting something that you will end up loving and wanting more of. 

  1. Fun fact about yourself?

As a child I hated gym class and even more so in high school. I would even get excuse notes from the nurse’s office so I wouldn’t have to participate in class. And now I wish that I had never done that. I still complain about running, but it is all in good fun now, because I don’t mind it anymore and even enjoy it. Being able to work out with friends and even sometimes get my husband to come to “a bring a friend day” is such a positive and fun experience. If my 30-something year old self had told my 16-year-old self that, that I love fitness and enjoy sweating and challenging myself physically, I would have laughed in her face. I love Burpees, HATE wall-balls and love anything that has to do with kettlebell!